Why You Should Be Using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has turned the world of Sales and Marketing upside down.  Marketing, using digital tools on the Internet (e.g. websites, email, blogging, social media), is a more effective way to acquire new customers than traditional sales and marketing methods (e.g. newspaper advertising, radio, direct mail, etc.)

Digital Marketing costs less than traditional advertising

The average cost to generate a sales lead is 60% lower using online marketing than traditional marketing methods. (Hubspot: http://bit.ly/zbG8F2).  Whatever traditional marketing tools you are currently using, there is a probably a cheaper (and more effective) way to do it online.  Internet Marketing provides the highest ROI (return on your “marketing” investment) when compared to ALL other marketing mediums.

Digital Marketing is more effective than traditional marketing

The Internet has empowered your prospects and customers as never before.  Most now begin any purchase process by first doing research on the Internet.  If your products or service cannot be found on the Internet, your prospects and customers will likely be buying from your competitors instead of you.

Digital Marketing also empowers you!   Using digital marketing tools, you can engage more intimately with your prospects and customers thereby increasing the chances of a sale and customer loyalty.  Traditional marketing tools are largely mass broadcast, one-way forms of communication that don’t allow customers to easily communicate with you to express their preferences.  Internet marketing tools such as your website, email, and social media allow you to engage with very intimate,  one-to-one, two-way communications.  Engagement is what your customers expect to receive when interacting with a business or brand.

Digital Marketing levels the playing field

Digital Marketing tools give small businesses access, for the first time, to sales and marketing resources, business processes, customer intelligence, and markets previously available only to large companies.  A small home-based company with a well-designed online store can now compete successfully for customers with Fortune 500 companies.  This same online store can easily sell beyond the physical confirms of a brick-and-mortar storefront including internationally.

The obvious takeaway:

If you are serious about growing your revenues, you should be using Digital Marketing.