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The Marketing Toolbox
The Marketing Toolbox

Welcome to Our Blog – The Digital Marketing Toolbox!

The Internet has enabled an explosion of exciting digital marketing tools that enable business owners to reach prospects and customers in new, very cost effective, and very measured ways.   The sheer number of tools, combined with the frequent improvements to each tool, creates a daunting challenge for any CMO or business owner.  The number of tools may only be eclipsed by the number of consultants and guru’s hawking them.

The joy and goal of this blog will be to explore, share and discuss digital marketing tools with other entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The goal is to help you research, select and implement a set of digital marketing tools that will help you reach your goals for generating leads, gaining new customers and growing your revenues.

It will be a slow and considered development based on industry best-practices, what we have experienced in our own business, and in our work helping other small businesses. We will be quick to point you to great articles, resources and respected experts.

In the end, your success with digital marketing will depend on you and your skill level.  You are probably tempted and confused by the daily barrage of success stories by gurus of this tool or that.  While their claims may be true, even the most tried and proven tool may not work for you at a given time.  You must be informed, methodical and quick to move on when a particular tool does work for you.  There are too many alternatives.

In the interest of fair disclosure, NextStep Partners L.L.C., is a Constant Contact Solutions Provider.  We sell and promote their email marketing platform. If you buy their email platform through us, we are compensated by Constant Contact.  In turn, we provide you with a high level of support in your email marketing efforts.  We are also Certified Salesforce CRM Admin, SalesCloud, and  Email Marketing Specialists.  We are not compensated by Salesforce.  You can hire us to help you get started and/or fro ongoing support.

We have chosen an email marketing platform to build our consulting practice around because it is the one marketing tool that nearly every business can and should be use in their marketing mix.  It has the highest ROI of any digital marketing tool.  Of the many Email Marketing Service Providers, we find Constant Contact to be just right. It is simple to use but has the core features you need at a great price.

In our opinion, Salesforce is the Blackbelt of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.  CRM is the operating system of your marketing efforts. It allows you to fully leverage customer data to compete with sophisticated competitors.  Not every company will operate with a CRM in the beginning, but it is a natural evolutionary step as your business grows in complexity.

Thank you for reading this first blog post.  We hope you come back again and that find our posts helpful in growing your business.